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Feeling fresh with natural deodorant



If you’ve been considering using natural deodorants, but scared about the B.O 😷  don’t sweat it! 😉 Here are a few simple tips to keep you smelling & feeling fresh as a daisy 🌼


  1. DETOX - Apply the @alexandaloe ‘Black Magic Mask’ to your underarms just like you would on your face. The detox mask is thought to help eliminate nasty toxins from aluminium based antiperspirants, as well as, helping to eliminate bacteria causing odour. The detox can be done twice weekly. 
  2. Carry your natural deodorant with you to re-apply as often as needed.
  3. Keep up the water! As our body sweats it’s important to replace that water loss by drinking water to help flush out further toxins from the body. 
  4. Wipe your armpits with eco friendly wet wipes or a wet face washer every time you need to reapply the deodorant.


The @alexandaloe 100% natural deodorant contains certified organic essential oils such as, Lavender, Pink Grapefruit & Tea Tree which help to eliminate bacteria causing odour 🦠 along with organic extracts of cucumber & chamomile to help  you feel cool & soothe any irritations after shaving or waxing those pits 😜 As a bonus - it doubles as a perfumed body spray with the added scent of 100% natural coconut & lime 🥥 making you feel ‘summertime-fresh’ all day long ☀️


  • Marie X 



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